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"Ce que l'on nomme aujourd'hui Guêpes & Papillons ; Ce sont les diamants du bout de nos poinçons ;
Qui remuant toujours & jetant mille flammes,  Paraissent voltiger dans les cheveux des dames."

Edmé Boursault, Les mots à la mode, 1694

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  • Select the product or products of your choice on our website.
  • If it is a product made from horn, choose a letter for the engraving. You can only select a letter at a time on the website
  • You can then pay your order with our Paypal partner, which provides you with total security of payment and flexibility in case of refund.
  • If you want a specific horn color or wish to leave us a quick note, feel free to fill in the comment section


If you have chosen an engraved horn product, you will receive during the week following your purchase a mini-site with photos of 3 to 5 horns, depending on the product.
Caution: if it is announced during your purchase that there are less than 3 horns, you will have fewer choices available. If it is specified that there is only one sample left, then you will receive the product directly without the possibility of choosing your horn.



You will receive your parcel within a week's time following your choice of horn or the purchase of your jewelry. The Post office is our partner. You will receive your tracking number via email to be informed of the progress of your delivery in real time.

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